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Loyola School celebrated the "Republic day" on 26th January 2010. Fr. Pancratius SJ, Chief guest, hosted the national Flag.


 The Parents' Night 2009 was held on Saturday, 19 December 2009.


 The first student to enter the Loyola Campus on the first day of the School.


Welcome to Loyola School, Bhubaneswar !

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our School's new website - www.loyolabbsr.com. This is another means of keeping in touch with and communicating with our students, parents, the school management and all others who have an interest in Loyola School Bhubaneswar.

I also welcome your suggestions on how we can use this website to further our objective - the education and well being of the children who study here. You can reach me now at principal@loyolabbsr.com.


Fr.Pius Fernandes, SJ


Principal's Letter


Dear Parents / Guardians,                                                                                   June 30, 2014

Greetings to one and all !  

With immense pleasure I am writing to you dear Parents/Guardians my first letter. It is indeed a great joy to see the children back to school after the long… long… summer break. All of them looked relaxed after the vacations, and of course each one said that he/she was looking forward to come back to school, their second home. Hope you all had a wonderful time with your children during the vacation and ‘Raja’ festival.  

With great power, comes great responsibility. The rein of Loyola School, Bhubaneswar had been in the proficient hands so far and now I have been entrusted to share that responsibility. On behalf of you, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our stalwart Principals Fr. P. Tony, Fr. Eric Cassel, Fr. Pius Fernandes and all those whose selfless and tireless efforts and service have placed Loyola at a high pedestal in this Temple City. You all have extended your generous support and love to Loyola in the past and I am sure you will continue to do the same in future in the interest of our school and our students.  

We are still waiting hopefully for a good rain and I am sure that God will be propitious to us. Yet the monsoons are the times when children fall sick. Please advise them not to get wet and take adequate protective measures when it rains.   

First Parents-Teachers (P.T.) Meetings will be held as scheduled in the Year Planner except for Std VI – XII. You are requested to meet the class teacher and subject teachers to take a feedback from them. If you have suggestions, kindly jot them down in the P. T. Meeting Register with the class teacher or put them in the “Suggestion Box” or write directly to me through principal@loyolabbsr.com , which is a better option.  

We have lost a number of working days due to the extension of summer vacations and we need to makeup by working on Saturdays. Hence, 9th August will be a working Saturday with Monday’s time-table.   

Kindly follow the dates and time schedule mentioned below for the 1st P.T. Meetings (according to the Roll Nos.):

5th July (Sat)    :  LKG – UKG

12th July (Sat) :  Std I – Std V

26th July (Sat) :  Std VI – Std XII

Roll No.



10.00 – 10.15 a.m.

Roll No.


1 - 12

8.00 – 9.00 a.m.

25 - 36

10.15 – 11.15 a.m.

13 - 24

9.00 – 10.00 a.m.

37 & above

11.15 – 12.30 p.m.

 Parents having two or more children may send prior request for a common time. The token system WILL BE in operation. Subject teachers will be available in the designated rooms which will be displayed near the token counter.    

Warm regards and God Bless,


Fr. A. Amaladoss, SJ


Important Dates: 

7th July, Mon     –  First Class Evaluation for UKG begin.

10th July, Thu    –  Last date to pay the II quarter fee.

14th July, Mon    –  First Class Evaluation for LKG begin.

29th Jul, Tue      –  Id-ul-Fitre (Holiday)

31st July, Thu     –  Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola – Founder of the Jesuits.

                           Holiday for LKG, UKG & Std I. Working Day for Std II – XII (upto 5th period).  Dismissal at 11.30 am. 

9th Aug, Sat      –  Working day for ALL (LKG – Std XII) with Monday’s time-table.

15th Aug, Fri      –  Independence Day, Flag Hoisting (8:00 A.M. to 8:45 A.M), for Std VI and above.

17th Aug, Sun    –  Janmashtami

29th Aug, Fri      –  Ganesh Puja (Holiday) 

30th Aug, Sat     –  Nuakhai (Holiday) 



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ICSE & ISC 2014 TOPPERS (90% & above)


THURSDAY, 31ST JULY 2014 @ 7.30 A.M.

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 Fr. Mick T Raj, the provincial of  Jamshedpur, Visited Loyola School, Bhubaneswar on 19th, January.


Mr. Dilip Tirkey  visited Loyola School,BBSR.